1. Creating a decision session (perd file)

    1. Do not use special characters or punctuation characters in the Session, Options or Factors text to avoid an app crash.
    2. Once you have entered the decision session stage, you cannot return to edit Session, Options, Factors or Important text. A future version will enable this functionality.
    3. You can also import Options and Factors from previous decisions during the process of creating a new decision.
  2. Browsing Your Existing Decisions

    1. You can browse existing decisions you’ve made or received from the main menu then the Browse option.
  3. Downloading Perd files

    1. Perd files are the decision making files for Perdeca. They are either empty, partly completed or fully completed. You can download fresh (empty) perds by clicking Download from the main menu at this website or from your Perdeca app menu.
    2. After checking out from the perd shop, you can either download your new perd by clicking the download link on the checkout page or by checking your email and downloading from the confirmation email we sent you. NOTE: When prompted to choose how you want to download a perd file, always select to download with your browser NOT the Perdeca app. Only select the Perdeca app to open the file once the browser has downloaded it to your device.
    3. Once you’ve purchased a perd, you can download it as often as you wish. Just access the download link from your confirmation email so save this email!
    4. Your friends, family and colleagues can send you a perd file via social media, chat apps or email and Bluetooth! Remember to select a browser for downloading the perd file not the Perdeca app.
  4. How to Pause and Continue a decision session

    1. You can pause a decision session at any stage once you’ve started the session. Simply click save from the top right side menu. Perdeca also auto-saves the session for you every now and then. To resume from where you paused, simply open the session from the main menu and the app will open at the last point of the session before you saved it. You can then continue.
    2. If the app opens at the end of the session perhaps because you had reached an answer the last time, you can go back step by step with the back button or forward with the forward button. You can continue when you reach the session point of your choice.
    3. To go immediately back to the first session question, simply select ‘Home’ from the main menu.
  5. How to share a perd file

    1. To share your decision perd file, open the decision session (perd file) from the main menu by clicking ‘My sessions’. Select it from the list and select how you wish to share it from the pop-out menu.
    2. When you received a shared perd file, download it then click the downloaded file and select Perdeca as the default app to open it.
    3. Note: if you download a perd file with the same name as an existing one, Perdeca will not be able to load it. You can rename the file then click it to open it with Perdeca.
  6. Known bugs

    1. Perdeca may crash if symbols and punctuation characters such as ? or , or . or are used in any text entered as Session, Options or Factors. Please avoid using these characters.
    2. Perdeca-App works in portrait screen mode. It may crash if forced to work in landscape. Avoid screen rotation in auto or landscape mode.
    3. The app auto-saves occasionally during a session but it is good practice to manually save now and then as you go through the session.