My clone

The way you make decisions define you as a person and the decisions your make define the life you lead. You have achieved success in life through the way you make decisions and the decisions you have made.

Pass these life skills on to your children or others. Clone the way you make decisions and share some of the decisions you have made.

It’s a little like letting your children interact and explore your mind, the way you make decisions and some of the decisions you made. They can learn and adapt these skills to suit their own personality. This will help them achieve success based on the solid success skills you have cloned and shared with them. Your legacy.

As you go through this process, you learn and remember a great deal more about yourself.

Perdeca voted in Best Decision Support Software 2019 list by Sourceforge

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Any language, Any topic, Any decision, Any options, Any factors, Any time . . .

Whatever personal topic you need to decide on, confide in Perdeca, it’s right there in your phone or tablet. Keep it with you always, because we never stop making decions.

There are some free decision templates known as perd files available in the decision shop to get you started.

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