Perdeca – professionally speaking . . .

Who is the best candidate for the MEA sales director role?

Akin , Global Sales Director, Florida.
“…following my interviews with the shortlisted 5 candidates sent by HR, I now had to select one for the role. My options were Jerry, Fatima, Janine, Ashraf and Sylvia.
Key 10 factors I had to consider were Expected Salary Match, Depth of Regional Experience, Existing Regional Contacts, Languages Spoken, Ability To Travel Extensively, Gravitas, Communications Skills, Technology Knowledge, Industry Knowledge, Competition Knowledge. Some factors were more important than others. Using Perdeca, I reached a clear decision and was able to defend my decision easily by sharing the session files via email with the Global Sales VP who was out in the Middle-East at the time. She opened my session file in her Perdeca app and could track each step I took to make the decision. She could see that my decision was taken in a structured and objective manner.

The jury decides: guilty or not guilty?
Jury , Munich, Germany.
“…in order to achieve a balanced judicial process and avoid one or two stronger personalities asymmetrically influencing the jury panel each member was given  Perdeca. This ensured a personal but structured decision making by each jury member. Our 2 Options were clear, Guilty or Not Guilty.

First, we used Perdeca to rate the Importance of each factor. The 11 Factors we were to consider were Availability of the Murder Weapon, Validity of Witness 1, Validity of Witness 2, Quality of Professional Evidence 1, Quality of Professional Evidence 2, Quality of Professional Evidence 3, Applicability of Police Evidence 1, Applicability of Police Evidence 2, Motive of Suspect, Opportunity for Suspect to Commit the Crime and Crime Scene Investigation Quality. There was a difference of two deciders so we had to repeat the use of Perdeca for a second and final time to reach a unanimous decision using a much smaller set of factors.

Which products or services should we focus on?
Hon Fai, VP Products, Shenzhen, China.
“…it was clear we had to alter our broad product portfolio approach. The directive from the board was very clearly in favour of doing so.  We created a shortlist of 5 products and would consider 11 key factors which had different levels of importance. As a US-China corporation, the language of the collective decision making was in English and Mandarin. So I created two perd files (session files) in my Perdeca app. One with the Session Title, Options and Factors in English and the other in the Mandarin translation.

When all the stakeholder individuals in the US HQ and the China HQ had completed their Perdeca sessions, they shared their perd files with me by email. I combined their perds and out popped the decision with the other options raked according to factors and importance. The whole process for each stakeholder took minutes and the same for us to make the structured, audit-able and transparent collective decision! It wasn’t a case of using some overly complicated decision support system or a voting platform. It was structured, easy for everyone (technical or not), no language issues, fast and transparent!