How to use Perdeca

With Perdeca, you will be able to make the best possible decision every time about any topic in any language. You can save and view the saved decision and the steps you took to reach that decision.

You can share your saved session via email, social media and chat platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Hangouts and Whatsapp. You can also share via Bluetooth and cloud drives like Dropbox.

During the decision session, you can click the Google search button  in the middle at the bottom of the screen. This will help you check facts online about the pair of options and the factor you are considering at the time.

At the end of the decision session the best decision will be displayed by Perdeca as well as the ranking of the options and the factors.

Step 1 – Enter the session name (what are you deciding about?) – e.g. Which products are best to launch? Should we take part in this tender? Who is the best candidate for this role? What is our SWOT? How can we beat the competition? Where should we open the next branch office? Why should we make this business change? When is the best time to ship these materials?

Step 2 – Enter how many options (how many options do you have to choose from?) – e.g. 6 – Helmut, Geraldine, Kunle, Aftab, Su Pang and Thomas.

Step 3 – Enter how many factors (how many factors about the options will you use to decide?) – e.g. 4 – Knowledge, Enthusiasm, Experience and Language Skills

Step 4 – Enter the level of importance for each of the factors (optional)  – e.g. Knowledge-2, Enthusiasm-2, Experience-1 and Language Skills-1

That’s it! Perdeca will ask you some questions about the options considering the factors and their importance. In seconds or minutes, it reveals the best possible option, the optimal decision.

Now watch this short demo video to see how Perdeca works.

Remember: you can make decisions about any topic, any option in any language with Perdeca.

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