Personal Me

Perdeca – personally speaking . . .


Where should we go on holiday this time!?!
Alicia and Charles, England.
“…our options were Thailand, America, Canada, Russia, Turkey, Kenya, Japan and Hong Kong.
We wanted to consider factors like Flight Cost, Weather, Flight Time, Tours Available, Safety and Friends Presence. Some factors were more important than others though.but using Perdeca, we found our best option in minutes! Best of all was we both included our individual preferred options and factors and made the decison together naturally and without getting all techie!”

Who should I date?
Anne-Marie, Paris, Texas.
“…David, Carl, Jasper and Rick were my options but they were quite different. I decide to use factors like Looks, Height, Job, Future Career, His Family, My Family, Religion, Personality, Sense of Humor, Weight, Shared Friends, Leisure Activities and Financial Stability to help me choose the right guy for me. Perdeca helped me decide in no time! And it was fun! No stress at all.”

Should I marry him?
Anastasia, Greece.
“…I felt I knew my answer when he proposed but I wanted to feel sure I’d considered well plus, my parents had concerns that I might be rushing things. So I consulted my faithful advisor, my Perdeca of course! My options were Yes, No, Not Now. I took into consideration factors like Our Family Compatibility, His Financial Stability, His Personality, His Love, My Love, Our Personality Compatibility, His Job Prospect, His Looks, Religious Compatibility, Having Kids, Social, Home and Education. When I finished, I was shocked at the result but I trusted Perdeca had helped me see my best decision. And, I sent my Perdeca session to my parents. In their Perdeca app, they could view the steps I took to reach my decision.”