Give the gift of Health

Perdeca is a digital health marketplace. Provide and receive digital healthcare at any time, in any language, from anywhere, at lower cost.

Create and provide your digital health service easily, quickly

As a healthcare professional, provide your service online in digital format. Earn passive income while delivering great service accessible from anywhere.

How it works

There are two simple steps. First, create your virtual clinic. Second start creating your digitized, virtual, health sessions content that you will sell at your virtual clinic.

By content, we mean the interactive health sessions you create with the Perdeca content creator app. Each session is saved as a downloadable file.


You will need an account for your virtual clinic. You will also need a Create account for creating your sessions with the Perdeca app. To use and interact with your virtual sessions, your patients just need a Play account which is FREE. Just like downloading an MP3 song and using an MP3 player to play the song.


The Play account for Perdeca is FREE. Register with your email address and a password here. You don’t need to use your username to log in. If you wish to be able to create your own multimedia sessions, you will need a Create account. It is offered as a FREE 1-Month trial subscription and 1-year or 2-year subscription. Register now to benefit from our TEMPORARY 90% DISCOUNT PROMOTION!