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What is Perdeca? Perdeca is a life decision simulator. It is available as a mobile app and a web app.

How can Perdeca help with broad public health issues such as COVID-19 and general illnesses? Free for health authorities worldwide – complete form below.

In any language, smartphones can be used by medical professionals to quickly create simulations to guide citizens to do their own health self-help at home. Citizens can use a smartphone, tablet or laptop to interact, save and share these simulations. They can share the results with healthcare providers if a follow-up is necessary. Watch help videos on how.

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How can Perdeca help our senior citizens to maintain interesting mental and social activity?

Memories and hope are even more precious as we reach the later stage of life. Home carers or family can guide senior citizens to create, interact with and share their life stories in a non-complex yet engaging manner. They can use tablets, laptops or phones to create, interact with and share their life stories. We hope that this may also help those suffering from memory related illnesses such as dementia, Alzheimer’s and so on. Watch help videos on how.

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LifeTech & AgeTech

Record, preserve and share your life stories based on decisions you made, are making and will make in your life. Create and save as many sessions as you wish. Build a library of memories you and others can interact with at any time.

Additionally, maintain a healthy level of mental stimulation by interacting with your memories, current decisions and future planned decisions.


Free for health authorities to create and distribute self-help widely either for the corona virus (COVID-19) during current outbreak or for non-critical medical issues amenable to self-help. This will free-up time and resource for COVID-19 medical testing and sufferer assistance. It can take less than 30 mins for a qualified medical staff member to create a session per topic. It can take less than 10 mins for a member of the public to go through the session. All countries are invited. All languages can be used in text or audio.

If you are a government related healthcare authority, please make contact via the quick contact form below.

Form for COVID-19 assistance app for government health providers

Please complete this quick form and we will revert ASAP

Please include the country code e.g 44 9 1234 5678

The app can also be used to quickly create and deploy app-based training or real case triage sessions in minutes. The sessions can be for staff or for the general public.

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