Perdeca offers two digital health products. One helps anyone to make better decisions. The other assists families and carers of patients living with dementia including Alzheimer’s to join them in memory re-connection sessions.


Better decisions can improve lives and increase personal and business opportunities.

Use Perdeca regularly to make good decisions fast, more often.

Reconnecting with memories can help dementia patients improve their quality of life.

Use Perdeca regularly with patients to build their sense of confidence, vitality and social relevance.

How it works

A one year free Perdeca account and free session files are available for downloading. An android version of Perdeca is also available.

Use a phone, tablet, laptop or smart TV to access Perdeca

Log in to your Perdeca account. Click to download any of these free session files below, remember where you’ve saved the file. Then select Import Files from your Perdeca menu after login in. Use the file for making decisions in Perdeca

Need a Perdeca account?

Register free here. Just enter your email address and select a password. Check your email to confirm your email address.