Why Perdeca?

At Miznee, we believe that a healthy mind is vital for a better life.

. . . people with mental health conditions often experience severe human rights violations, discrimination, and stigma.

Many mental health conditions can be effectively treated at relatively low cost, yet the gap between people needing care and those with access to care remains substantial. Effective treatment coverage remains extremely low.

-World Health Organization-

Perdeca harnesses AI and machine learning in a unique collaboration with human mental healthcare practitioners to address key issues affecting access to and delivery of quality and affordable mental healthcare.

What is Perdeca Digital Therapeutics?

Perdeca is a pioneering human + AI Digital Therapeutic (DTx) application to help prevent, manage or treat mental wellness concerns. It enables easy creation, distribution and use of digital mental healthcare by cloning individual human professionals’ expertise and making them interactive for patients.

It is a new kind of mental healthcare tool for collaboration between clinician and patient – Augmented Intelligence (human knowledge + AI) not only Artificial Intelligence.

What’s new about it?

It puts both patients and clinicians in the driving seat from the start instead of just AI. It comes ‘out of the box’ with no knowledge of the world but capable of intelligence.

We do not believe AI (Artificial Intelligence) is anywhere close to the nuanced capabilities of human experts. Instead, we use what we call Augmented Intelligence. Perdeca and the clinician augment each other’s intelligence and knowledge as a team. Any mental healthcare clinician can teach Perdeca by sharing their expertise with it. A very simple, fast and automated process that the clinician can start right away. No coding just text, images, voice, sounds, animated GIFs or whatever else the clinician wants to use to create interactive counseling sessions.

Each clinician is the source of the knowledge in Perdeca ensuring clinically certified content. This knowledge grows over time and is specific to the clinician. A mini clone if you like. So the clinician can rapidly (in a few minutes) create personalized or generic sessions and share the sessions as files just as rapidly. This way, each clinician can build a library of sessions over time for prescribing to patients. Any language written or spoken can be used, images, sounds and more can also be used as part of the session’s content.

For the patient, Perdeca monitors their progress and if they are stuck during the interactive session, it enables the patient to quickly search online for relevant information about the current question being asked. The patient can also request a suggestion from Perdeca (this can be reviewed, accepted or rejected by the patient.

What’s proven about it?

Human mental healthcare experts provide their proven knowledge, not Perdeca. As mentioned, Perdeca does not arrive with a pre-configured database of knowledge or a claim to understand the human mind, emotions and actions. We have human experts who are far better positioned to provide that. Perdeca partners with the human expert, the clinician by organizing and augmenting the clinician’s expertise intelligently.

So the clinician is free to implement sessions using any of the various scientifically proven and accepted mental healthcare techniques such as CBT, DBT, ACT and RT. Perdeca then automatically creates short interactive sessions for the patient to interface with the clinician virtually.

How is it helpful?

The certified clinician’s knowledge and expertise are what the patient interacts with not an artificial knowledge-base. Perdeca helps by bringing in uniformity along with organizational and care delivery efficiency to the mental health-caring process. Thus, augmenting the human expertise, digitizing it and enabling a much greater number of patients to be supported by an individual practitioner.

How is patient personal data privacy protected?

Account access details of the patient can be generated anonymously and shared privately between the clinician and the patient. We provide anonymized accounts to you as the healthcare providers. You administrate your patients accounts and allocate these accounts to your patients without knowledge of which patients have been allocated which account. This ensures optimal patient data privacy.

What AI governance is in place?

As mentioned, we are strong believers in ensuring AI function transparency and keeping the human user in the driving seat while being assisted by the AI entity. During a session, the patient may select AI assistance using the Predict button and is able to view the response predicted. The patient can elect to accept or alter the predicted (suggested) response before continuing the session.

Additionally, patient and the clinician can edit the learned vocabulary that Perdeca stores for creating bibliotherapy sessions.

How does it work?

You will need a Create account to quickly and easily create virtual sessions for patients. To use and interact with your virtual sessions, your patients need a Player account. It’s like downloading an MP3 song created by musicians and using an MP3 player to play the song.

Please contact us to find out more and discuss your education project with us.

How can my organization purchase Perdeca accounts?

As each project is unique, please contact us to discuss your digital mental healthcare project in more detail. Organizations such as healthcare providers, government agencies and corporations can Perdeca for patients and employees. If you are based in the UK, you can easily and quickly purchase Perdeca through the government’s digital marketplace called G-Cloud. Miznee is an authorized vendor on the platform.

More about Perdeca

How does Perdeca uniquely help?

Generate these digital exercises in multimedia format, in the preferred language and topic, easily and rapidly.

Key Features

  1. Patient’s access Perdeca with anonymized login username and password.
  2. Simply import the text of a prescribed book or other written material into Perdeca.
  3. Perdeca then automatically generates interactive sessions for use by the patient.
  4. Written material in any of over 100 languages can be prescribed and used with Perdeca.
  5. Perdeca automatically speaks the content in the language of the written material during sessions.
  6. Using AI (Artificial Intelligence), Perdeca adjusts the session to each patient’s needs automatically or as directed by the mental healthcare practitioner.
  7. AI governance is included so the clinician and patient have visibility and editing access to AI generated content.
  8. Any of over 70,000 free, public domain books and other written material can be used with Perdeca.
  9. Patients and mental healthcare practitioner can collaborate remotely and share the same Perdeca account.
  10. Bibliotherapy sessions can be paused and resumed as desired by patients.
  11. Access to Perdeca accounts is by smartphone, tablet, laptop or smart TV.
  12. Session analysis can be displayed, screenshot and exported as a pdf or csv file.