Perdeca is a life decision simulator to guide decision-making personal and business use.

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Our life is based on the decisions we make.  Whether we are self-assessing for COVID-19, other health concerns, making fun or tough decisions, learning new skills or building our life story based on decisions we remember making. Our life is a series of decisions we’ve taken or others have taken that directly or indirectly affect have affected and continue to affect us.

What is Perdeca?

Globally, Perdeca is the first AI driven, public decision simulation platform of its kind. It is a life decision simulator that is available as a web app and a mobile app. You can use it to make decisions, learn new skills, run health self-assessments and so much more.

Your Perdeca sessions can contain any language (text and audio) as well as images. Your decision sessions can be saved, archived or shared easily. Analytics of your decisions are displayed. You can pause, resume, step back and forward during your session. You can even do a quick search online during your session.

Who We Are

Perdeca is a portfolio of solutions developed by Miznee Ltd. We are a new kind of AI tech startup founded in London, England. Our life decision simulator is being used all over the world. From Mexico to China, from USA through UK, Russia to Nigeria and Kenya to U.A.E to India,  Thailand, Singapore and Australia! In their preferred languages.

What We Do

From MedTech, AgeTech to HealthTech, and LifeTech, Perdeca makes it so much easier to create, interact with and share simulations of life decisions.  Preserve the decision sessions for as long as you wish.