What is Perdeca?

Helping those who suffer from memory related illnesses and those needing improved mental wellness is the objective of Perdeca’s product and services.

Perdeca is a web-based product and service that helps users to reconnect and interact with their distant memories. Perdeca is based on scientifically proven mental health techniques such as Reminiscence Therapy, CBT and Mindfulness.

Perdeca sessions can contain any language (text and audio) as well as photos and images. These sessions can be saved, archived or shared easily. Analytics of results are displayed. Users can pause, resume, step back and forward during a session. Users can even do a quick search online during a session to automatically find past photos, videos, audio and news that are directly relevant to the user’s past times.

Who We Are
Tayo Akiwumi – Founder

Perdeca is a memory care and mental wellness product and service developed by Miznee Ltd. My name is Tayo Akiwumi, an engineer from the UK with a passion for solving human related problems with technology. I founded the company and developed Perdeca with the express purpose of helping to ease the debilitating impact on those with memory related illnesses. In my mid-fifties, I could relate to these concerns having an elderly mother also along with elderly relatives.

The company is a new kind of AI tech startup founded in London, England. Perdeca is being used all over the world. From Mexico to China, from USA through UK, Russia to Nigeria and Kenya to U.A.E to India, Thailand, Singapore and Australia. In their preferred languages.

Our Guiding Principles

Focus on our core goal of helping sufferers of memory and other mental wellness related illnesses with our product and service. Maintain appropriate ethics in interactions with our clients and their users as well as our partners. Continue to maintain strong positive impact on the environment.