Digital Health

As a healthcare professional, provide your service online in digital format. Earn passive income while delivering great service accessible from anywhere.

How it works

There are two simple steps. First, create your virtual clinic. Second start creating your digital health content that you will sell at your virtual clinic.

By content, we mean the interactive health sessions you create with the Perdeca content creator app.

You will need an account for your virtual clinic. You will also need an account for creating your sessions with the Perdeca app.

Perdeca is an app for quickly creating and playing interactive digital mental health sessions. A smartphone, tablet, laptop or smartTV can be used to create and to play assessment and therapy session online. The sessions are created by mental healthcare professionals quickly and easily, taking a few minutes only.

In the same way a school teacher might give students a homework assignment, a psychologist can give a patient a digital session to work on. The session is digital, interactive and focuses on a particular scenario to help the patient toward recovery or better management of their concern. The effectiveness of the student’s assignment is affected by the unique skills of the teacher. The effectiveness of the therapy sessions for the patient is affected by the unique skills of the psychologist.

Each session created is in the form of a small file that can be emailed, downloaded, imported or shared in many ways. The patient uses Perdeca to play the session in order to complete the session. The mental healthcare professional uses Perdeca to replay and review the analytics of the completed patient session.

Using well established mental health care techniques like CBT, DBT, Mindfulness and RT, you can quickly create and distribute digital assignments for patients and trainees. Each assignment is in the form of a small downloadable and shareable file. You can build libraries of these assignments for different mental health exercises in the form of short, interactive sessions. Users can email or share the session analytics with the mental healthcare expert for review and next steps guidance.

Each session is a series of short, precise decision steps for the user to select an option. The process is supported by machine-learning, multimedia and just-in-time search engine access. The sessions can be less than 10 steps or several hundred, depending on the assignment creator. The user/patient completes the session at their own pace. The creator can be a nominated member of staff with expertise in psychology, psychotherapy, counseling, psychiatry etc. The Perdeca team provide support and guidance as required.

Mental health care providers, telemedicine or telehealth platform operators and hospitals can easily deploy these session files at their website or via email for example. Patients can either access the files free-of-charge or pay out of pocket for assignment session files or be compensated by their insurance company. Each patient’s library of personalized completed, partially completed or new sessions files are automatically maintained by the app. Access is password protected per patient. The sessions can be access from anywhere with a smartphone, tablet, laptop or smart TV.

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