1. How can I get a Perdeca account?
    1. Connect to www.perdeca.com and select the care package you would like. Once you have completed checking out, check you email to confirm your account (you need to confirm you account before you can use your new account). Once you confirm your account, you can log in with your email address and your password at www.perdeca.com. Your package includes a Perdeca account and a number of session files. Additional information is provided in your welcome email.
  2. How can I use Perdeca?
    1. Log into your Perdeca account at www.perdeca.com. From the main menu, select Import File. Find your new session (perd) file and select it. A perd file is simply a digital session saved as a file. You will be asked if you wish to open the file. Select yes. Follow the guide to start using Perdeca.
    2. At the top of the session page the total number of session steps will be displayed. The actual step you have reached will also be displayed.. This is followed by a question or prompt and two options are presented. Simply select one of the options with a tap or a mouse click. Continue at each step until you have completed all the session steps. You can then view the analysis of your decision.
    3. During the session, you can select Skip if neither of the options presented is relevant or you are unable to decide about either option. The next step will be displayed. You can skip as many steps as you need.
    4. During the session, you can also select Predict if you wish Perdeca to help you decide between options presented. Perdeca will do its best and select as many options at as many steps as it can before it stops and can let you continue manual options selection. The further in the session that you get, the more accurate will be Perdeca’s predictions as it learns from you.
    5. During the session, you can step forward or backward between the session steps you have already completed. You can redo your choice of options. You can pause and resume at any session step, just close the session by either selecting the menu or logging out. The next time you open the same session file (perd), the session will continue from where you had stopped.
    6. During the session, you can select the search button (between the back and forward buttons). This will open a new window and show Google search results related to the session step you are currently at. Useful if you need more information before selecting an option.
  3. How can I resume or redo a decision session that I have completed or partly completed?
    1. From the main menu, select My Sessions. Find the session you are interested in. From its sub-menu on the far right side, select Open. You can now use the session.
  4. How can I share a session?
    1. From the main menu, select My Sessions. Find the session you wish to share. From its sub-menu on the far right side, select Export as File. Save the file to your device. You can then click the file where you have save it and share it as you wish.
  5. How can I use a session file someone sent me?
    1. From the main menu, select Import File. Find the session file sent to you and select it. Then select Open when prompted.
  6. How can I purchase more care sessions?
    1. From the Perdeca app menu, select Download Perds or from the Perdeca website, select Care Package from the menu then select the care package you would like to add to your basket. When checkout is completed you will be sent an email confirming your order along with further information on how to access your new session files. Your new care session files will either be emailed to you or a download link will be provided for you depending on your preference. Download and save the session files on your device. You can then use Import File in your Perdeca main menu to start using your new session.