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Perdeca Digital Health offers a digital healthcare product and digital mental health sessions that can be downloaded and used easily.

The sessions are based on a range of well established methodologies professionally used for psychoanalysis and psychotherapy. These include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy ( CBT), Mindfulness, Reminiscence Therapy (RT) and Family Therapy (FT).

Our product is called Perdeca. It can be accessed online with a smartphone, tablet, laptop or smartTV. The user does not need to enter text, just mouse clicks so it is even easier for users. Virtual sessions are prepared by mental healthcare professionals. The sessions are in the form of multimedia interactive files that can be downloaded and used interactively. Perdeca sessions cover a wide range of analysis and therapies to help those living with mental illness and memory related conditions including dementia such as Alzheimer’s Disease, memory loss, autism, PNES, anxiety and depression.

How To Get Your Perdeca Account

Click here . You can register a free account and upgrade when you are ready. See help for more details here.

You can buy and download the session topic file you want by selecting your region here. Some free mental health session files are also available for download here. Once you have the Perdeca session file you want, just sign into your Perdeca account and use the session. See help for more details here.

How To Keep A Library Of Your Sessions

Your sessions are automatically saved for you in your account. Even sessions you have not yet completed are saved automatically. You can resume any of these sessions whenever you wish. You can even redo sessions. See help for more details here.