Memory Care

In many parts of the world, people are living longer, increasing the need for long-term health care such as for memory related illnesses like dementia.

Perdeca is Reminiscence Therapy compatible. It is our digital memory care product and service

According to research reports, over 50 million people are living with dementia worldwide. The global cost of providing care is more than US$1 trillion per year. Over 6 million dementia sufferers are in the USA for example. The Memory Care industry which includes specialized care homes and other facilities provide services aimed at helping those with this memory based disease cope and potentially improve their memory wellness. Such services cost an average of US$ 4,500 per month per patient in the USA.

Down memory lane of bygone days in Florida – A Perdeca session screenshot

Our Reminiscence Therapy product and service is based on Perdeca. It is our digital memory care product and service that uses Reminiscence Therapy and CBT techniques to give a sense of competence and confidence to users.

Memories are unique strengths of individuals that Perdeca guides the user to interact with, build upon, record and share with others such as family, friends or their general community.

Perdeca is very simple yet powerful in use. Accessible by Smart TV, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Down memory lane . . .A Perdeca screenshot of a session

Once logged in, the user does not need to enter any text or other data. Just simple mouse clicks are all that is required, yet driven by AI and machine learning, Perdeca easily and smoothly takes the user through fully personalised interactive sessions of their memories. This includes access to search engines to view photos, videos. voice recordings and news that relates to their times. Their heydays, their memory lane. They can also relive the kind of decisions they might have made through their past life.

Familiar voice of caregivers or family as well as other sounds and photos can be used for the Reminiscence Therapy digital sessions.

Users can pause and resume at any point of a session. All responses given at each step of a session is automatically saved and can be replayed, or re-entered at any time. A library of different memory care sessions is automatically built. Any session can be shared with care-providers, family, friends, or other communities (such as within the care facility or geographically beyond – helping to improve social connectivity).

All of which help users to reconnect and re-discover distant past life memories. Thus, enriching the user’s life and memory vitality in accordance with Reminiscence Therapy study findings.

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